Jaguar E-Type Zero Is The Most Beautiful Electric Car Ever Made

Jaguar E-Type ZeroSay hello to the Jaguar E-Type Zero, a zero-emissions version of the iconic car that Enzo Ferrari once called “the most beautiful car ever made”. Based on a 1.5 Series Roadster from 1968, the E-type Zero will be fitted with a bespoke electric powertrain, capable to achieve 62 miles (0-100km/h) in just 5.5 seconds.
“We have integrated the new electric powertrain into the existing E-type structure, which means a conventional engine could be reinstalled at any point. We think this is essential as it ensures a period Jaguar remains authentic to its DNA.” – Tim Hannig Director, Jaguar Land Rover Classic
Inside is a completely new digital dashboard and speedometer blended with the iconic wooden steering wheel .
The British company claims the car will be able to travel of 270 km (approx. 170 miles) thanks to a 40kWh battery that can be fully recharged in six to seven hours.

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