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Comparing Vauxhall to Luxury Manufacturers

VauxhallWhen it comes to luxury vehicle manufacturers like Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes, you often expect that the performance will be far superior to more average brands like Vauxhall. Whilst this is often the case, you might be surprised at just how well an average used Vauxhall stacks up against the rich supercars.


A UK Favourite

Vauxhall is the second best-selling manufacturer in the UK and has been for more than 20 years. This is for good reason as the British brand is known for producing extremely reliable automobiles that are built to last.


Rich History

In addition to this, they have also been heavily involved in motorsports over the years in both rallying and the British Touring Car Championship. They have dominated spells of motorsports in the 70’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, which goes to show that Vauxhall is very capable of creating high-performance automobiles that are better than the competition.


Current Models

In terms of current Vauxhall vehicles on the market, there are a few that showcase this superb driving performance which are all great investments. They may not have the desirability of a super-rich car or pack quite the same punch, but anyone with a need for great performance will be pleasantly surprised by any of the following:



A flagship compact hatchback, the Astra has received universal acclaim from critics and is hugely popular with families. It boasts very efficient engines, a powerful performance, comfortable drive and groundbreaking technology. It is also well priced and especially when you buy from car supermarkets like Motorpoint. In terms of performance, this is a class-leading automobile.



Vauxhall’s other pride and joy is the Corsa, which is a constant presence in the top 5 selling cars in the UK year in year out. The current fourth generation is a great all-rounder with an improved experience behind the wheel. This can be attributed to an impressive new suspension setup and steering system designed to manage UK roads. It also has an enormous range of engines to choose from.



The sleek design of the Insignia is sure to turn heads, whilst the comfortable drive makes it ideal for long journeys. It also has very strong grip, responsive handling and a range of engines with one to suit every type of motorist.


These great cars go to show that you do not need to spend a fortune for superb driving performance and Vauxhall’s track record gives the UK manufacturer a formidable reputation.



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