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A Closer Look at the Desirable BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 SeriesThere are few badges more desirable than BMW. The iconic German manufacturer has a long history of producing the world’s most stylish and luxurious automobiles, ensuring that they are now considered a status symbol and many motorists dream of owning their cars. In addition to the great style and associations with this brand, BMW also develops superb and reliable vehicles which make them a great investment.

The 3 Series

BMW has an excellent automobile in practically every market, but it is the 3 Series that many motorists dream of owning. Available as a saloon, touring estate and hatchback, the 3 Series has always been immensely popular and consistently a leader in the compact executive class. It is popular with both families and professionals and it is easy to see why once you take a closer look.


Much like any BMW, the 3 Series is a head-turning car with a beautiful, simple and elegant design – it is unmistakable on the roads and this is a large part of its appeal. The great design continues inside, where there is a minimalist feel and use of high-quality materials. This makes sitting inside the 3 Series very calm and comfortable, which is enhanced by the terrific ride comfort.


The 3 Series is also famously a joy to drive. It’s handling is said to be the best in the compact executive saloon market and the strong grip ensures that it is both easy and fun to drive. This is enhanced by the rear-wheel-drive, which makes the 3 Series remarkably agile on the open road. There are a handful of powerful engines to choose from, with the 181bhp 320d 2.0-litre diesel being a good combination of power and fuel economy. For eco-conscious motorists, the 330e plug-in hybrid is a great choice and one of the better hybrids on the market.


The specification for the 2012+ 3 Series saloon tends to be the most popular version and has the following spec:

  • 0-60 mph – 3.9 to 10.6 seconds
  • Power – 114 to 443 bhp
  • Fuel Economy – 31 to 74 mpg
  • Insurance Group 18 – 47
  • Road Tax – N/A to £305

Market Value

The 3 Series saloon starts at £26,790 for the 318i SE, whilst the most expensive version of the car is the 320d xDrive SE which has a price tag of £33,220. There are other types of 3 Series available too, with the most expensive being the 3 Series M Sport Shadow, which has a price of between £33,150 and £44,020. The German company are known for having expensive automobiles, but this is because every vehicle is of the highest standard with exceptional build quality – this means that they are built to last and always a good investment.

Protecting Your Investment

If you decide to purchase the 3 Series, it is important that you protect your investment. If the car were to be written off or stolen, your insurance policy would only pay out the current market value of the car. This could be a significant amount less than what you paid because of depreciation and leave you heavily out of pocket. Fortunately, there is a way to bridge the gap and obtain peace of mind – BMW GAP Insurance. This will cover the difference between the settlement and the price that you paid, or any outstanding finance if this is the higher amount.

The BMW 3 Series is a wonderful automobile and one that any motorist will love getting behind the wheel of thanks to its sleek style, comfy interior and excellent performance. It can be expensive to buy (like all BMW’s), but they are built to last and it is important to protect this investment with a GAP insurance policy.


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