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How To Create A Luxury Master Bedroom

Luxury Master BedroomAs the most intimate, personal space in your home, your master bedroom needs to cultivate a sense of place and identity. It should be a place that comforts, rejuvenates, inspires, and soothes. It not only reflects your identity but also your aspirations.

Luxury master bedrooms stand out as islands of refuge, oases that you can’t help but want to come back to again and again. Whether you’re blowing out the walls and getting ready to design a palatial adults-only escape, or making the most of a limited space, there are five elements that you can optimize to achieve a luxurious experience that’s right for you.

Taste or theme

Before you get started, it’s important to have an idea of where you’re headed. Will your master bedroom be a personal space or a shared one? Does your partner need or want to have a say in the design choices? Maybe you’re indecisive and want to involve a very near friend or family member in the design choices.

Once you’ve established who has the privilege of contributing to the design, it’s time to start brainstorming design themes. Is there a specific era in history that inspires you? Some people love the gilt ornateness of the pre-revolutionary French nobility, or the sturdy, natural tones of Colonial America. Is there a movie or media aesthetic that you’d love to pick up on? An architectural or artistic movement? A regional or international look? Maybe you’re inspired by the exotic, sun-drenched vibes of a tropical climate, or the comfortable luxury of a seaside cottage.

Luxury is about choice, freedom, expression, and personalization. Start with understanding what you appreciate. If you hate neutrals, it won’t matter how high-end that minimalist master bedroom design is. If you adore the clean lines of mid-century modernism, then sentimental antebellum designs aren’t going to do the trick.


The right floor treatments are key to achieving a luxury master. There are a few priorities to balance here. You may have a strong preference around hard surface flooring versus carpet. There are high-end options for both, but keep in mind how your choice will play into your design direction. Think about comfort, color, texture, and anachronism. If you prefer soft flooring, the strategic use of area rugs can keep things cozy without disrupting your cultivated theme. Dark or warm-toned wood floors are lovely, but if your style leans toward rich, dark furniture and accents, you may need to reach for something more neutral. However, high-quality flooring with a distinctive look is key to defining a luxury space, so don’t waste the opportunity.


Your bed, storage, and resting furniture will be influenced by your design agenda, but lower-quality pieces are also available in a wide array of styles. The keys to choosing furniture for a luxury master are comfort, craftsmanship, and creativity. Look beyond the usual suspects for inspiration and options. Imported designer collections, local artisans, and custom-commissioned pieces help shape a unique luxury space. Don’t forget resting pieces; the right seat, sofa, or lounger will transform a basic bedroom.

Window dressings

Another luxury design must-have. Custom window dressings add convenience and allow you to manage your light while contributing to a theme or design. Bay window shutters can add a coastal or historic vibe. Wood shutters add warmth and convenience, with a more structured and less cluttered look. Drapes can filter or block light, depending on your design, needs, and sleep habits, and add interest and movement. A combination of shutters and soft window dressings is a popular choice to cover a range of functions and looks. A luxury space is one that’s customized to you, and this is an important area to manage right so that you’re able to fully enjoy your master bedroom.

Art and accents

Finally, when you’ve found distinctive flooring, the perfect furnishings, and complementary window treatments, it’s time to pull your design together with art and accents. Wall treatments, hanging art, objects, lighting, and personal items should contribute to that luxury feel. As with furnishings, getting off the beaten path helps – choose designer, artisan, or commissioned pieces. Keep palettes limited to just a few colors to create a peaceful space. Consider recessed or hidden storage for necessary items that don’t lend themselves to your theme.

Create your perfect master bedroom by setting a clear vision and choosing complementary flooring, furnishings, window dressings, and accents sourced from original and artisanal designers. A space that’s perfectly keyed to your taste with distinctive and high-quality design elements is the ultimate in luxury.

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