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How to Style a Luxury Home

Luxury HomeCreating a luxury feel interior is about more than just the property itself. The right style techniques can make your home feel luxe and sophisticated, while the bad can lead to an inexpensive and mis-matched design.

When trying to achieve a high-end look, it can be tempting to splash out on flamboyant accessories, add lots of gold, or incorporate lots of dark, rich colours. While all of these can work in moderation, here are some interior design tricks to help you style your luxury home and really give your interiors the wow factor.

Pick a Simple Colour Palette

When decorating a room and choosing colours, it’s important to remember that too many colours can make a home look overdesigned and inexpensive. As such, when picking a palette, aim to keep it simple and pick one colour, then add variation with different shades and tones. Alternatively, you could choose a couple of coordinating tones, such as rose pink and peach, or pale grey and pastel blue.

Think Minimally

To make a home feel expensive, it can be tempting to add lots of luxury accessories to finish a room. However, too many can have the opposite effect. When updating your home’s décor, try to think minimally. Display fewer items, including personal possessions, accessories are pieces of furniture, as doing so can open a room, making it feel bigger and more high-end. In addition, spend more on the things you do buy and invest in designer furniture to make a statement.

Use Plush Fabrics

Fabric choices can make or break a luxe interior, so it’s essential to choose carefully. When selecting curtains, hang above the window and make sure they are long enough to reach the floor, as this will create an elegant look. Add an oversized rug to create the illusion of more space and drape throws and textiles effortlessly across the sofa for a chic look. Also consider texture to add depth to the overall feel by using fabrics like velvet, wool, taffeta and lace.

Add large mirrors

Mirrors have long been used by interior designers to make a room feel lighter, more open and expensive. However, it’s important to hang mirrors correctly to achieve this effect. For example, placing a full-length feature mirror behind a bathtub or bed is an excellent idea, as it makes a statement of the room’s focal furniture. Alternatively, add mirrors to cupboard doors in the bedroom and kitchen to add a little opulence.

Styling a luxury home is all about planning and making careful choices. Use these tips to make your interior feel more luxe.

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