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The Most Luxurious Destinations For Property Investment

The hallmarks of the ultimate luxury property location are a warm environment and waterfront views. Invest in your next vacation home in one of those most sought-after areas for an unparalleled experience and a great return on your investment:

The Maldives

Luxurious DestinationsWith a name synonymous with luxury, this exclusive location is for those who want nothing more than to spend their days snorkeling, bathing, and sunning themselves on the beach. A true “get away from it all” destination, resorts on The Maldives offer a full range of amenities for those who appreciate the better things in life. The location is remote, which may be an asset or a barrier, depending on your attitude towards travel and urban nightlife, which in the Maldives is modest in nature.


A great location, unparalleled facilities, world-class culture, and nightlife—Dubai has it all. Its central location makes it a good choice for jet-setters who can use it as a jumping-off point to Eastern and Western business meetings with equal ease. The area continues to grow and enjoys high property values, and surrounding development and services cater to discerning tastes like nowhere else in the region. Dubai is a great location for those who enjoy glittering nights out, endless shopping, diverse arts and culture, and the most luxurious experiences money can buy. The fast-paced urban experience is a draw for many, although it does make less of an idyllic location for those seeking true escape in their vacation destinations.

Cote d’Azure
Cote d’Azure

Balance your appreciation for peaceful days spent on the beach or at the poolside with access to all things urban with an investment property on the French Riviera. Enjoy sun, sand, and spectacular villas that offer an enviable lifestyle and privacy. Then, when you’ve had all the relaxation you can take, enjoy the casinos, nightlife, and urban delights on your doorstep. Get away from it all during the week and throw open the doors for a grand party on the weekend; this luxurious location in France lets you have it all without spending hours on a plane to get from one experience to the next.

Once you’ve pinpointed the right investment property for your needs, you’ll want to start working on the logistics. Investment property specialists can be selected at home or abroad and may specialize in a specific scale or property type, or a particular region. A little research into money transfer services can also help you make the most of your investment when you make your move. Send money to Dubai from the UK, or any combination of source and final destinations, quickly, securely, and at the best rates by researching services ahead of time. Consider logistics before making the plunge; do you need something nearby for frequent, short visits, or would you benefit from a destination further afield to force yourself to take some quality relaxation time?

Your ultimate luxury destination is calling. Invest in guaranteed access to your choice of beaches and stellar views plus enviable property value growth rates with a residence in one of these incredible locations.

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