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The Luxury List – A Guide to Sports Car Maintenance

Sports Car Maintenance

If the happiest day of your like is your wedding or your first child being born.. You may not have yet bought a sports car. The joy that comes with owning a sports care is huge, and can only be matched by the anxiety that comes with protecting your sports car. It’s very hard to shrug off a bump and scratch when your car is an asset, so take the right steps to ensure your car maintenance is where it should be.

Don’t miss a service

Skipping the dentist the can be forgiven, but a car service? Well that is an appointment you don’t want to miss because the consequences can be more dire than a slap on the wrist and a an extra fluoride rinse. To keep your car adhering to the warranty you must be taking your sports car to regular services, and if and when it ever comes time to sell your baby (God forbid), the first thing a potential buyer will be looking at is the service history. Now aside from services being strategic, it’s just good sense to have someone looking under the bonnet as a sports car has more expensive parts, higher capabilities and more often than not the parts are quite foreign to your everyday mechanic.

Keep it clean

This might seem more like a chore than an actual strategy to maintain your care, and it’s really both. Washing your car regularly is paramount to anyone who wants to keep their car looking young and fresh for longer. The sun, grease, and every other substance and element that your car drives through, will take a serious toll on your car over time. As the grease sticks to your car the sun bakes it into the paint, and if not washed regularly it can become part of the paint and you will not be able to remove one without the other. So if you are not ready to kiss goodbye that Cherry Red gloss paint on your sports car – it’s time to Rub-a-Dub!

Account for the costs

Saving for your dream car can feel like an endless battle, and then you are close, and then.. You hit that magic number! But how many savvy savers are aiming for a number above the asking price so that they can account for those incidentals and in-case of emergencies? The hidden car costs can become a big number quick. Sports cars are incredibly exclusive. So much so that sometimes the parts come from Italy and the tools come from Japan – and that might just be the beginning! Have a frank conversation with mechanics, dealerships and owners of your dream car so that you know the costs associated with running this dream car. There is no point buying the dream car and not being able to afford the maintenance to keep her running.

Resist the urge to peacock

Wait, what? A dream car shouldn’t be hidden away from the world, true. But you can take steps that will reduce the risk of your car meeting a cruel fate. Buying a sports car comes with a lot of attention but not all of it is positive. Learn to assess when and where it is appropriate to park on the street or in secure parking, and always secure your car with the top covered. Insurance will cover incidentals, but the more instances you need to claim will drive up your premium so do what you can to remove the temptation of anyone stupid enough to harm your beautiful sports car.

The purring of your dream car is enough to set you daydreaming for hours. But don’t romanticize it all because maintenance will happen along the road, and if you are not prepared to maintain the health of the car then you won’t be living that dream for too long.

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