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6 Outrageously Expensive Engagement Rings that Cost More than Your Home

Engagement RingsForget the two-month salary rule, some celebrity engagement rings cost more than an average luxury New York city apartment. Engagement rings are supposed to be luxurious and expensive as their primary goal is to shock and awe during a well-choreographed proposal. While us mortals spend a few thousand bucks buying luxury UK engagement rings, celebrities are known to take things to a whole new level. We are talking multiples of million dollars for a single ring. Without further ado, the following are 6 outrageously expensive engagement rings that probably costs more than your home.

Jennifer Lopez’s $4.5 Million Engagement RingJennifer Lopez

Let’s start off this list with Jlo’s 8.5 carat engagement ring given to her by her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Unlike the engagement ring given to her by Ben Affleck which featured a pink gem, this one features an 8.5 carat blue diamond. The ring’s estimated worth is around $4.5 million.

Paris Hilton’s $4.7 Million White Gold RingParis Hilton

While most of us cannot dream about affording an engagement ring with a diamond more than a few carats, Paris Hilton’s engagement ring features a 24 carat stone. Given to her by Paris Latsis, Hilton auctioned the ring after their wedding was called off and donated the sum to aid Katrina victims.

Mariah Carey’s 12.7 Million RingMariah Carey’s 35-carat diamond engagement ring

When it comes to famous engagement rings, Mariah Carey’s 35 carat ring tops most lists. The engagement ring was presented to her by Australian billionaire James Packer. While the value of the ring is still not known, James requested the return of the ring after his divorce with Mariah and claimed it was worth $12.7 million. If that’s true, it definitely deserves a spot on our list. Last year, Carey sold the ring, reportedly at a fraction of the original cost.

Kim’s $4 Million 15-Carat Engagement RingKim Kardashian

Remember the famous stadium proposal? If reports are true the ring presented to Kardashian by Kanye that day was a 15-carat cushion cut diamond ring crafted by Lorraine Schwartz. Thanks to its flawless clarity the ring is estimated to be worth around $4 million.

Elizabeth Taylor’s $8.8 Million Flawless Diamond Engagement RingElizabeth Taylor

Probably the most famous female celebrity of all time, Elizabeth Taylor was a well-known jewelry lover. She even wrote a book about her love for jewelry. Quite understandably her engagement ring matched her exquisite taste in jewelry. The ring was presented to her by famous Welsh actor Richard Burton in 1968. The ring had a single 33.19 carat stone, which was nearly flawless. The price was a record $265,697 per carat, which is a testament to the clarity and the grade of the 33.19 carat diamond.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s 40.42 Carat Diamond Ring40-carat Marquise cut Lesotho III diamond ring from Harry Winston

Little is known about Jacqueline Kennedy’s flawless diamond ring to her by Aristotle Onassis. However, it is known that the ring featured a 40.42-carat marquise-cut diamond. The stone was cut from the famous Lesotho III rough diamond. While its exact price is not known, we can be sure that this one deserves a mention in our list of the most luxurious engagement rings.



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