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Windshield Replacement on Exotic, Sport and Supercars

Windshield Replacement

A brand new Bugatti Chiron, the French manufacturer’s latest flagship car, starts at a cool $3,000,000!

More recently, Toyota sold their first production, 2020 GR Supra $2,100,000 at the Barrett-Jackson car show. This shows that an exotic car is by no means a cheap purchase.

Those interested in purchasing their own super sports cars might be deterred by the assumption that the general upkeep of their luxury vehicle, much like its price, will cost more than the maintenance of an average passenger car.

A common maintenance issue often wrongly associated with high costs is a windshield replacement or repair.

The modern sport’s car’s windshield is a protective sheet of glass, designed to act as a safety barrier between the passengers and the outside world. Built to be extremely strong and durable, these windshields are not entirely indestructible- extreme weather, dirt, debris, and small stones and scratches can result in damage that may require repairs or even, a complete replacement.

OEM vs. Aftermarket

Sourcing the right OEM and OEM equivalent glass for your super car:

If, for any reason, your super car’s windshield needs to be replaced, you’ve got two options – an OEM replacement, or the aftermarket equivalent.

An OEM, or original equipment manufacturer windshield is one approved and installed by the manufacturer. An OEM product is something that the manufacturer is willing to vouch for – several super car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Ferrari all insist that their customers use an OEM windshield.

Conversely, an aftermarket product is one that has been made by a different company. While, the company does not manufacture the vehicle, they are legally allowed to replicate, modify, and sell the parts as their own.

Both types of products are purpose-built and almost identical. However, they can differ in quality.

A windshield from the manufacturer is guaranteed to reflect the exact specifications of your super car, along with having all the right fittings needed to install any necessary sensors. Other OEM products, perfectly calibrated for your vehicle, are also directly available from the original manufacturer.

An aftermarket product may have discrepancies and lack the quality of an OEM product.

Installation and Repairs

Careful installation procedures on expensive cars:

Once a windshield is damaged beyond repair, it needs to be replaced.

Installing a windshield for an exotic super car is a precise and delicate process that needs to be performed by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

First, the windshield and the molding used to hold it in place have to be removed. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the vehicle. A thorough cleaning and prepping of the area is followed by the mixing and application of new molding.

The windshield is then lifted, using specifically-designed suction cups and handles, and carefully placed on the prepared surface. Once in place, gentle pressure is applied to permanently secure the windshield.

Trained and certified technicians need to be the ones to do the job- OEM replacement procedures are constantly revised and updated. If the installation was done incorrectly, a variety of issues will reveal the problem – water and rain will begin to seep in through the sides of the windshield, and traveling at high speeds will cause a whistling sound. The glass may also seem wavy, or distorted, reducing visibility and passenger safety.

Mobile Repairs

Is mobile replacement as good as getting a windshield replaced on this type of high-dollar car or should it be done at a shop?

When paying a premium price for an exotic car, you expect top-notch quality, the best performance, and unparalleled service for when something goes wrong.

As our technicians will tell you, often a windshield may be so damaged that the driver’s view is obstructed. In this case, a towing truck would need to be hired in order to take the car in to the shop.

When operated incorrectly, these tow trucks can damage your vehicle further.

In order to avoid this, luxury car manufacturers and mechanics offer convenient Mobile Repair options. This service allocates certified technicians to travel to your location to repair the damage on the spot, saving you precious time and effort.

For those who reside in or visit Phoenix, consider the experienced technicians and free mobile services of http://www.suntecautoglass.com for your next windshield repair or full replacement service. SunTec’s team of auto glass specialists have the knowledge and experience in working with rare and exotic vehicles, and apply their services as if the car they’re working on is their own.


The right repair company will ensure that your exotic sports car is in accordance with your local safety regulations. Certified technicians and mechanics using the correct tools and OEM windshields will be able to restore your vehicle back to its former glory. Properly sourced, high-quality windshields are essential to the safety of the driver and passengers, as well as the other vehicles on the road.

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