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Ways to Stay Comfortable and Productive When Working From Home

Working from home gives you unlimited freedom. If a child is sick, you can tend to their needs. If there’s a family reunion mid-June you just mark your calendar. However, it also means that you’ll have to do everything on your own. In order to be financially successful working from home, you need to remain comfortable and productive.

Private Space

When you work from home you need to create a place that’s private, away from distractions. A television or family chatter can make it difficult to remain focused. This can lead to a shortfall of completed assignments and taking in less money than you need to pay your bills.

The ideal answer is a room designated as an office where you can shut the door. However, if you don’t have an empty room in your home to utilize, you can still achieve a semi-private space by putting up a divider.


Unbelievably, color can affect your mood and level of focus either positively or negatively. For example, cool colors such as blues and greens have a calming and relaxing effect whereas reds and yellows can make you anxious, angry or even sad. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a soothing color will give you an environment that promotes productivity.

Comfortable Work Space

In addition to eliminating the clutter and bringing in a sufficient source of light, you need to remain comfortable while working. A large desk with ample room for your computer, frequently used supplies and workspace left over is important. Since you sit for long periods of time having an ergonomic chair with adjustments to the arms, back and height are also crucial. You can also opt to stand for part of the time by using a desk that converts to a standing desk or by purchasing a desk designed simply for standing. Additionally, investing in an ergonomic keyboard versus a traditional one will put less strain on your wrists.


Your workstation in your home office should be a functional place where everything you need is within easy access. Shuffling through piles of papers or folders will end up costing you not only valuable time but also money. It’s important to give yourself every opportunity to work without waste. Organizers and cabinets are a great way to keep your supplies neat and organized and your desktop free of clutter.


Unlike an office that has overhead recessed lighting, most homes have a single fixture on the ceiling that provides the light source in the room. Unfortunately, this can cause eye strain, reduce your flow of energy and prevent you from working effectively. The good news is that you can bring in additional sources of light. For example, you can add a desk lamp that’s adjustable, allowing you to place the light precisely where you want it. Just remember not to position the light directly at you as this can create a glare.


Working from is not for everyone. It takes a good amount of discipline to work the same number of hours daily. This is especially true when the weather becomes nice and all you can think about is heading outdoors. Staying on task without someone breathing over your shoulder is a fantastic benefit; however, some people simply cannot work without a boss or a team manager giving constant direction.

Staying comfortable and productive working from home is something you can achieve. If you are a self-starter, work well independently and create a private home office that’s tranquil and comfortable, you can make the money you need to enjoy the many benefits of working from home.

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