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Wedding Bands for the Classic Man

Wedding BandsSo you’re getting married and have the perfect engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife. You’ve set the date and made for plans to honeymoon at an exotic location. Now your search continues with a special band that suits the style of a classic man. The wedding band itself has no beginning or end, but rather is a complete circle that represents your eternal love. The good news is that while the search may seem a little overwhelming at first, you can narrow it down by selecting the bandwidth, type of metal preferred, detail, finish and a special engraving.

Width of Band

Wedding bands come in a variety of widths to accommodate different size hands and personal preferences. In order to get an idea of what you like, it’s a good idea to go to a few jewelry stores and try a couple of different size widths on. If you have larger hands on longer fingers a wider width may look better. However, if your hands are smaller or you have shorter fingers you may want to select something a bit more streamlined in width. Also, a wider width band usually costs a little more due to the added metal content, so if you’re on a tight budget opting for a smaller width will save you money.

Type of Metal

In most cases, couples want wedding rings that match the engagement ring in terms of the color. So if you have a gold engagement ring, gold is probably what you will want for the wedding band. The same applies if you have silver or bronze. However, you don’t have to match and if you decide to look at other types of metal you can choose from white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or palladium or even a vintage two-tone style.


Men are showing more of an interest in jewelry today, especially rings. Because of this fact, many jewelry stores offer not only different widths and colors but also a variety of stylish edges. Smooth edges in gold, silver or platinum are traditional choices generally sought by a classic man. However, even with a classic style, many men enjoy switching things up. Square edges or even those with a braided edge give the wedding band a unique look.

The Types of Finish

There are several different types of finishes that you can choose. A traditional choice for classic men’s wedding bands for many couples is a highly reflective, polished finish. However, if you want more of a modern look, a matte finish is less reflective or if you want to feel unique in your selection, an eye-catching choice is the hammered ring that provides a textured appearance.

Customized Wedding Band

While many people pay more attention to the engagement ring’s appearance versus the wedding band, you will wear both for life. Having your wedding band customized allows you to acquire a personal look that’s unique to you. You can add a hand-crafted design or select one of the jeweler’s or add a few small diamonds or gemstones.

Final Touch

Finding that special someone isn’t easy and to express your unconditional love and appreciation an engraving located on the inside of the band it becoming something common among couples getting married. Think of what it is that makes this person so special and then have it transcribed inside.

Everyone gets excited about the engagement ring. And, therefore a lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect one. However, since the wedding band is something they will wear for the rest of your life; shouldn’t you take the same care before making your final selection? Thankfully you can narrow the search by deciding your personal preferences and then visit several jewelry stores to make the process fun.


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