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De Tomaso P72 Supercar Is Beyond Stunning

De Tomaso P72 GTItalian automaker De Tomaso has used the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed to unveil a new model as it celebrates its 60th anniversary. Penned by Jowyn Wong, the man behind the Apollo’s design, the design of the De Tomaso P72 is inspired from the early 60s of the racing prototype era vehicles, with continuous flow of all surfaces, and beautifully bold lines.

De Tomaso is keeping technical data secret at this point, but we do know the car it is mid-engined and uses a carbon fiber chassis derived from the Apollo Intensa Emozione.

The interior features an attention to detail, the finest materials and a proper manual transmission.

Only 72 units of the De Tomaso P72 are slated for production, with an approximate price of around 750,000 euros ($842,000 U.S.). For a very limited-run supercar, that’s a bit of a bargain, if you are interested, they’re already accepting deposits.

Images Courtesy of G.F. Williams/De Tomaso

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