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Epiluxury by Dita is Redefining Premium Eyewear

Dita EpiluxuryDita, the brand renowned for its handmade sunglasses is exploring entirely new territory with Dita Epiluxury line. Featuring a modular system of interchangeable components, magnetically attached lens pieces, the first collection will launch with six styles and will be made from natural, precious, and technical materials.

Functional performance, engineering technology, artisan craftsmanship, timeless design, and personal exclusivity are the five quintessential design pillars. Dita Epiluxury frames are hand numbered, with the Core collection limited to 500 pieces per color and the Flagship collection limited to 200 pieces per color.

“We launched the concept of EPILUXURY with eyewear because its where our expertise lies. But there is no reason there couldn’t be EPILUXURY skincare or a fragrance where we seek out an incredible perfumer to partner with. We are just looking to do something different,” says Michael Castillo, Head of Design DITA Group.

The eyewear brand hopes to expand the concept of Epiluxury, partnering with various brands and create other unique luxury products.

Dita Epiluxury line will be available worldwide this month at Dita flagships, as well as through wholesale partners with prices from $1,800 to $4,500.

[ Images Courtesy of Dita-Epiluxury / Via: AcquireMag ]

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