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Say Hello To The Lotus Evija: A 1,972bhp Electric Hypercar

Lotus EvijaBritish carmaker Lotus has unveiled the first in-house all-electric car, the new Evija – pronounced “ev-eye-a” and means “the first in existence” or “the living one.” Built around a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the Evija has been equipped active aerodynamics allow for an F1-style Drag Reduction System, a deployable rear spoiler , a massive rear diffuser, unique LED taillights, and 20- and 21-inch magnesium wheels that are wrapped in Pirelli Trofeo R tires.
The hypercar packs a 2,000PS, or 1,972bhp and 1,700Nm thanks to four electric motors, one dedicated to each wheel, capable to sprint to the 0-62mph in less than three seconds and do 0-184mph in under nine seconds, while its top speed is in excess of 200mph.

At the interior features a racing-style wheel, trimmed with the lightest materials, and features a floating center console full of flush hexagonal buttons.

“The Lotus Evija is a true Lotus, in that it elegantly balances stunning aesthetic forms with ingenious technical solutions to create a beautiful car with innovative design features. It will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage and pave the way for further visionary models.” shared Russell Carr, the Design Director.


Priced at 1.7 ($2.1 / €1.9) million, production will be limited to 130 units and the company is currently accepting orders. Any takers?

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