Louis Vuitton Monogram Titane Luggage Collection Will Help You Travel in Style

Louis Vuitton Monogram Titane
French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton introduced a new take on its classic suitcases, dressed up in a titanium external finishing. Available in three sizes, the new Monogram Titane collection features titanium laser engraved monogram, leather for the corners and handles, providing a nice pop of color; while the borders and locks are made from ruthenium. On the inside, the color scheme continues with a grey microfiber lining and cotton straps to keep your stuff in place. Available now at retailers and online, the Louis Vuitton Bisten Monogram Titane Collection starts at $41,000 for the 50, $43,500 USD for the 55, and $46,500 USD for the 60. Any takers ?

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