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Off White™ Introduces “HOME” Goods Collection

Off-White™ “HOME” CollectionOff-White™ is venturing into lifestyle designs and introduced their first home goods collection, aptly titled “HOME.” Featuring a minimalist design and the trademark Off-White branding, the collection is currently available at the brand’s Mykonos boutique and is split into self-explanatory categories like “CERAMICS,” “BED,” and “BATH”.Off-White™ “HOME” Collection CERAMICS

The “CERAMICS” line is constructed from ivory-tinted porcelain decorated a cornflower-blue grass print and features a breakfast set, lunch set, coffee mug and other additions such as ash trays and soap trays.Off-White™ “HOME” Collection BED

The “BED” collection features a white double bed set created with embroidery of the brand’s ARROWS logo in black.

The “BATH” line features a ivory-white towel set and bathrobe decorated with Off-White™ logo.Off-White™ “HOME” Collection BATH

Prices range from $95 to $635; Virgil Abloh’s Off-White™ HOME goods collection comes to online retailers on September 1.

Images Courtesy Off-White

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