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Lamborghini Sián 808bhp Hybrid Hypercar Revealed

Lamborghini SiánSay hello to Lamborghini Sián, the company’s first hybrid and most powerful supercar to date. At the exterior the design of the Sián is inspired by the most iconic Lamborghini of all time, the Countach; borrowing design features such as its Y-shaped air inlets, glass engine cover and diagonal bonnet lines.

Sián meaning ‘flash or lightning’ in Bolognese dialect, is powered by 6.5-litre V12 engine from the Aventador with a 48-volt electric motor, which combine to produce 808bhp.Lamborghini Sián interior

“It takes inspiration from the Countach, but the Sián is a futuristic icon, not retrospective.” said Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini.Lamborghini Sián 808bhp

Priced at a whopping $3.6 million only 63 Siáns will be produced, a number that celebrations the birth year of Automobili Lamborghini. All have been sold already.

Images Courtesy of Lamborghini

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