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Men, Up Your Style Game With These 6 Don’t-Miss Tips

Style GameYour style and the way you present yourself to the world can actually help you more than you know. Dressing well has been proven to increase the chances of getting hired after interviews, receiving help from strangers and appearing more attractive and intelligent overall. Not only does dressing well impress others, but it is also proven to make you feel better about yourself. If you’re looking to up your style game, focus on securing some well-chosen staple items — some of which mimic classic looks. Here a few tips you won’t want to miss.

1.Incorporate One Special Piece Into Your Look

One of the easiest ways to add style and swag to a simple outfit is to incorporate a special piece. This can mean a lot of things, so don’t be afraid to try out different looks and find what matches your personal brand best. For example, a gold chain for men can offer subtle confidence or a bold statement to any outfit. Dress watches, although functional, can add a sophisticated touch. Or try adding a beaded leather or macramé bracelet for a distinctly casual look. Keep in mind that over-incorporating jewelry or heavily mixing different styles and colors can quickly degrade an outfit. Focus on finding that one special piece that will add just the right touch to elevate your style from average to amazing.

2. Brighten Things Up

Adding a pop of color to your wardrobe shouldn’t be seen as an exclusively feminine fashion trend. It’s perfectly okay to lean toward the classic dark hues of grays, blues, and blacks, but spring and summer are perfect times to try play around with pale blues, tans, pastels and even patterns. Surprise people and show off your contemporary side by throwing dark green or maroon into your fall and winter wardrobe. For example, you opt for a blazer in a brighter shade and tone down the rest of the outfit. If you go this route, carefully pick a complementary shirt, pants and shoes.

3. Add Some Colored Shades

There are plenty of on-trend shades available for men. Don’t just grab the first you see, however. Instead, look for frames that fit your face and colors that match your signature style. The right shades can make any outfit a bit trendier while protecting your eyes at the same time. Check out warmer orange and red tones, mirrored lenses or cool off your look with icy blue and green reflectors. Always have a neutral, more functional pair on hand, but keep your options open.

 4. Focus on the Fit

You might have all the right pieces together for a potentially killer outfit — but if the fit is wrong, you can completely miss the mark. When investing your money in clothing, you should want things to fit like they were meant for you. From skin-tight to tent-like, going wrong with the fit can be disastrous. Most nice menswear, whether its full suits, shirts, jackets or pants, should be adjusted for a premium fit with a tailor.

 5. Plan Your Layers

When summer is in full-effect, you should be good to go with just one shirt; otherwise, put a bit of planning into your outfits. Two layers on top, instead of one, will keep you looking professional and put together. Not only that, but adding a sweater, cardigan or blazer can be a practical and stylish solution. An extra layer is a simple way to add a bit more detail and visual appeal to your look.

6. Don’t Forget Your Feet

Shoes can flawlessly bring your look together from head to toe — or they can completely throw it off at the last second. Even though comfortable, sneakers do not belong with every outfit. There are more options that can work to dress you up or down with ease. Different styles of boots can keep you looking sharp and switching a boot for a loafer can add just the right casual twist to anything. Don’t forget to pair your footwear with coordinating socks to show you took a little extra time to tie your look together.

 7. Know the Time and Place

Knowing what to wear and when to wear it is a simple — but very important — tip. Leave the gym clothes for the gym and the Hawaiian shirts for the barbecue. Appropriately dressing for the environment you are in is just as important as self-expression. The idea is always to look effortlessly put together no matter what the occasion.




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