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The Luxury Antique Market


While “luxury” and similar descriptors are usually reserved for the latest high-end products in areas of cars, technology, furniture, home design and furnishings, travel and the like, there’s a very real and very much thriving market of luxury antiques. While some antiques could be discarded as junk, or old and useless, there are many items that carry and expand in value and rarity as they age. Luxury antique jewelry, antique cars, antique furniture and more all carry a very real price and financial commitment to their care and longevity. These items hold a history unparalleled by any newly produced items. Consider these antique options when you’re shopping around for your next dream list item:

  1. Antique automobiles. Old cars go to auction after being meticulously restored by professionals and amateur hobbyists alike to bring a hefty return on their initial investment, and providing a rare and unique collector’s item for the buyer. A tremendous amount of nostalgia and history lives in these antique machines, and they’re often much simpler in nature than the computerized vehicles available at our fingertips today. Many celebrities and millionaires prefer classic and antique cars as collectibles, and some choose to invest in these, as the value historically increases with time. Even if you never purchase one yourself, there’s a deep yearning of curiosity to learn about these aging pieces of beautiful design and mechanical engineering.Yellow Sapphire Earrings by Tiffany & Co.

  2. Antique jewelry. As with any market of items, there are ranges of prices from inexpensive to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single piece. Auction houses and dealers are considered to be experts in a wide range of items from every time period. Items like antique earrings, watches, necklaces, brooches and other items can go for as much as a luxury home in some markets. The rarity of these precious gems and stones, their condition and history all contribute to the luxury factor. The fact that they are often one of a kind with a deep and rich history of stories and ownership makes these precious jewelry items highly coveted by aficionados everywhere.Luxury Antique

  3. Antique furniture. Like antique automobiles and antique jewelry, antique furniture has stood the test of time and often survived multiple owners and moves across the world, restorations or the need of such. If well cared for across the decades, antique furniture can last for another century or two, and get better with age. Wood is one of the longest-lasting materials we can use, if treated well, will simply get better with time. Humans have been making furniture for centuries, though much of that has been lost to fire, water damage and other events of life. The cheaply made, mass-produced particle board options available today hardly compare to options of handmade, solid wood and sturdy hardware found on antique dressers, armoires, tables, chairs, footstools and the like. There’s a definitive level of class, appreciation, groundedness and luxury that comes with antique pieces that can’t be found in mass-produced items.

What antiques can you bring into your life? Whether buying something for yourself, or giving a gift to a loved one, considering an antique piece for your next purchase can lead you down an exciting road of options you may have never been privy to thus far, yet can add a depth to your material life that is unmatched by going to a store to buy something new. When buying antiques, consider your style and keep an open mind to accept what speaks to you, as some pieces are quite unique and can add considerable design elements into your life and space. To wear antique jewelry demands a strong sense of self-confidence and awareness, as it requires great care and consideration to continue its longevity in life.


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