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Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities in California

California is home to some of the most sought-after real estate in the entire world. This is especially the case in and around the state’s many major cities, from San Diego and Los Angeles to San Francisco and Sacramento. This makes California a prime location for real estate investment opportunities.

With that said, it’s a big state and not every part of it is a guaranteed moneymaker. It’s important to do your research before applying for a Lantzman Lending loan. Would-be real estate investors need to zero in on the best real estate investment opportunities across California:

Suburban Residential

The suburbs of Los Angeles are sprawling. While technically outside the urban core, the population density of these areas rival that of major cities outside the state. This creates a massive amount of opportunity for residential real estate investment in California. Fixer-uppers located throughout the LA suburbs are especially desirable for investors in search of a quick turnaround; the year-round great weather means rehab projects never skip a beat and the high demand ensures a swift sale.

Urban Commercial

The downtown commercial property available in most Californian cities remains in high demand. The geography of the Golden State restricts development in ways that lead to a premium placed on the viable lands that already exist. Similar to commercial real estate development in Manhattan, developers have little choice other than to expand upward in these tight spaces. Getting in on the ground floor of such an investment opportunity is likely to lead to profit in the near future.

Luxury Living

It’s no surprise some of the most luxurious living spaces in the world are in California. From the mansions of the rich and famous to elegant lofts designed to appeal to the top brass of various industries, these properties represent the upper echelons of modern living. As such, they continually serve as lucrative opportunities for real estate investors. With that said, it’s wise to look before you leap. Many locations throughout California are oversaturated with luxury housing options. Take the time to find places where a relatively recent growth of commerce and industry is driving demand for high-end housing.

Affordable Housing

The dark side of the housing demand in California is the lack of affordable options for low-income individuals and middle-income households. Properties originally built to be homes for the working class are now owned and occupied by high-income earners. Savvy real estate investors would be wise to look towards affordable housing in California. While many cities and surrounding townships currently make it difficult if not impossible to build low-income housing, the dam will eventually burst. When that happens, those with their wealth tied to affordable housing developments will be primed to profit.

There’s no denying the fact that the real estate market in California is red hot. But that doesn’t mean would-be investors should feel okay with diving headfirst into buying property in the Golden State. They need to do their research and plan accordingly. Doing so starts with knowing the best places and types of real estate worth investing in when purchasing property in California.


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