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7 Ways to Make Your Car Unique and Stand Out from the Crowd

Make Your Car UniqueLet’s face it, few of us will ever be able to own the Ferrari of our dreams or the Lamborghini Countach that may have adorned your teenage bedroom’s walls. Most people, unfortunately, have to settle for something much more sedate and ordinary. That doesn’t mean your car has to remain dull and boring though.

Whatever you drive, and whatever you use your car for, you can make subtle changes that can make your car feel more like your dream car than a family runabout, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it either. Just by adding a little luxury here and there or a personal touch, you can make your car unique and feel more exclusive.

Here is a quick guide to seven things you can do to give your car a more luxurious feel, and a unique look so you can make your car feel like a Ferrari.

Replace Your Car’s Floor Mats

It might seem like a simple change but replacing your car’s floor mats can make a big difference to the appearance of your car’s interior. If you go for deep-pile carpeted mats, specifically designed for your vehicle, you can get a more luxury feel from your car. Change the colour too if you like and go from dull black rubber to a colour that better compliments your car.

Re-Upholster Your Seats or Use Seat Covers

To take your car interior up a notch, you should definitely consider having your seats reupholstered or using high-quality seat covers to give your car a fresher look. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade to a leather interior if you want to, which could make give your car a much more executive and exclusive look and feel.

Update Your Interior Lighting

You can do a lot for your car by updating its interior lighting. Modern LED strip lighting can give your car a much more modern look, and you can incorporate different lighting colours and scheme to co-ordinate with your car’s interior or the actions you take. When you open your car doors, you can be greeted with a warm glow, and the lighting scheme can dim as the evening sets in.

Get a New and Stylish Licence Plate

Perhaps the most exclusive but simple change your car make to your car is get a new and stylish number plate. By using a plate builder, you can turn any registration number, not just a personalized registration, into something unique and exclusive. You can build your own number plate at Number1Plates. Choose from a number of styles and fonts and have your new high-quality number plates delivered to your door with a three-year guarantee.

Change Your Exterior with a Wrap

Wrapping your car may seem a more expensive and time-consuming choice, but it can give you a lot of bang for your buck and completely change the exterior of your vehicle. It also protects the original paintwork, helping your car to retain its value. It can be easily removed later if you choose. You can give your car a new colour quickly, and you can even incorporate patterns or racing details if you wish. It is even possible to find wraps with metallic and reflective finishes. A professionally applied wrap should last about ten years, and only takes a day or so to apply.

Bring Some Extra Style Inside with a New Gear Knob and Steering Wheel

A low budget change anyone can quickly and easily make to their car is to replace their gear or shifter knob with a more up to date or higher-quality finish replacement. There is a huge market out there for simple car modifications like these, and you will be able to find a wide range of options for your vehicle. Steering wheels are another great example of this. You can replace your steering wheel with one that has a leather finish if you want some added luxury, or go with something with a smaller diameter and Alcantara covering for a racing feel.

Update Your In-Car Entertainment

One of the most noticeable changes you can make to your vehicle is updating your In-Car Entertainment (ICE). There has been a huge number of advances in this area over the last few years, and even if your car is less than five years old it could still benefit from an upgrade. You can get touchscreen systems that include features like Bluetooth connectivity and Spotify Connect, as well as digital radio.

Never underestimate what a few subtle changes and some tender loving care can do for your car and how you feel about it. Whether you decide to go all-in and wrap your car in racing livery or make a few simple improvements to your car’s interior, you can use tips like these to give any car a more luxurious, unique, and exclusive look; just like the car of your dreams.



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