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Custom Floating Docks for Yachts

Custom Floating DocksWaterfront properties top the list of the most sought-after, and it is easy to see why. Not only are the views stunning, but access to the water affords you the opportunity to partake in your choice of recreational activities, including sailing and cruising. Private yacht docks are a luxury amenity that also add exceptional functionality, practicality, and convenience. Floating docks only maximize those benefits.

Floating docks have a number of uses, allowing owners to swim, fish, launch canoes, kayaks, and personal watercraft, and dock their boats. Because they are modular by design, they can be configured to meet the needs of your vessel, your property, and your personal preferences. In contrast to a fixed or permanent dock, you have virtually unlimited freedom in constructing a dock that suits your needs.

But are residential floating docks able to accommodate a larger vessel? The short answer: yes. Again, these combine the convenience of modular systems with the versatility of custom floating docks.

In addition to cost-savings over customizing a fixed or permanent dock – and then rebuilding when needs change – they are much more adept at rising and falling with fluctuating water levels and adapting to weather conditions. This includes hurricanes and severe weather events. And, of course, they can be easily removed in preparation for such events or, if necessary, at the close of the season. If you find yourself in less permanent docking situations, they can be moved to accommodate.

Purchasing the Right Floating Dock

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your floating dock purchase experience is smooth and seamless:

1. Clarify Your Needs and Project Specifications

Take some time to consider what you need and if there are any challenges that your property or vessel may present. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want a fixed or floating dock?
  • Do I need a dock from which I can launch kayaks, canoes, or personal watercraft? Do I want a swim raft?
  • In what type of environment will the dock be installed? Floating docks offer another advantage here as they can be installed in more muddy, silty, or rocky conditions.
  • What dock shape will best meet my needs?

Look at the Dock’s Environment

  • For a yacht, it’s likely to be a sea/ocean environment, dockominium, or an existing marina. What type of shore does the area have (e.g. beach, slope, sea wall)?
  • What type of sea bed is present (e.g. sand, rock, mixed)?
  • Do you need a gangway to access the dock from shore?
  • What is the typical wave height?
  • Do water levels fluctuate (e.g. seasonal, tidal) – and by how much, typically?
  • What is the water depth. For a yacht, of course, it will need to be quite significant.

3. Consider Legal Issues

Permitting tends to be more streamlined when it comes to floating docks but make sure to check with your municipality and your dock supplier to ensure that you have the requisite permits, if required. There may also be restrictions on the maximum dimensions of a dock and marine flora and fauna protection.

4. Comparison Shop

It is important to find the right supplier – and they can help you select the right product. Look at various options and select a supplier who listens to your needs, offers sound advice, and can deliver solutions. Price point is not the most important factor: being able to work with a team that understands your goals and works with you to accomplish them is much more critical in terms of results.

5. Contact AccuDock, Florida’s Leading Floating Dock Experts

AccuDock is renowned for the durability, strength, and versatility of their solutions. Using only the highest quality materials, AccuDock leverages intensive research and development to ensure optimal results. With a unique manufacturing process, they can also create floating docks of any size or shape, including docks for super yachts. Throughout every step of the process – design, engineering, permitting consultation, and installation – their knowledgeable team delivers not only exceptional products but an exceptional experience.

Yachts, cruisers, and other recreational vessels offer tremendous freedom on the water – make the most of it with high quality floating docks.


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