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1,750-horsepower SSC Tuatara Hits The Hypercar Scene

SSC TuataraAmerican hypercar manufacturer SSC unveiled at the Philadelphia Auto Show, the 2020 Tuatara. Designed in collaboration with Ex-Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota, the Tuatara weighs only 2,750 pounds and was designed with aerodynamics in mind to go fast.

Tuatara uses a blacked-out carbon fiber shell and carbon fiber monocoque.

Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 5.9-liter flat-plane-crank V8 developed in partnership with Southern California–based Nelson Racing Engines. It produces 1,750 horsepower (1,305 kilowatts) on E85 and 1,350 hp (1007 kW) on 91 octane.The interior of the Tuatara features functionality and simplistic guise, all functionality and information is available at the touch of a finger.

SSC plans to build only 100 examples, the company still hasn’t revealed a current price — but is rumored to be around $1.3 million.

For more info or inquire about the SSC Tuatara hypercar be sure to visit SSC’s website.2020 SSC Tuatara

Images Courtesy of SSC North America

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