Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Electric Coupe by Totem Automobili

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT ElectricTotem Automobili revelled details of a new project, an all-electric re-imagination of the Italian classic. Utilizing an estimated 10% of a donor Afla Romeo GT Junior, the redesigned bodywork is completely made out of carbon fiber and fitted a MacPherson front suspension, while the rear end is supported by a multilink setup, Bilstein shocks and springs.

It has a single electric motor driving the rear wheels powered by a 50.4 kWh battery pack, and Totem Automobili estimates that it should provide around 199 miles (320 kilometers)of range.

At the interior will come with a mix of traditional Italian luxury and high-tech features, like hand-stitched Nappa leather, fully digital dials and a vintage-styled 3.5-inch infotainment system.

At this moment there is no word on price for the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Electric Coupe, but no doubt be exceptionally high.

Images Courtesy Totem Automobili

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