Pierpaolo Lazzarini Unveils a Spectacular Yacht Concept called Xenos

Xenos HyperyachtItalian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini unveiled this radical new concept, the Xenos hyperyacht. Measuring 130ft (39.9m) long and 26ft (8m) wide the sleek hyperyacht is crafted from carbon and aluminum, and can be equipped with a with a twin, triple or quadruple engine setup delivering between 7,300 BHP and 15,000 BHP.

Xenos will be capable to reach a top speed of 90 knots, setting the record of the fastest 130ft yacht in the world.

Designed for comfortable high speed cruises the bullet shaped hyperyacht concept is available as ‘hyperyacht’ or ‘seajet piercer’ and can be tailor made to the client’s requests.

The interior of the yacht features a contemporary living area, three spacious suites, kitchen, and a lounge and sizable saloon on the upper deck.

The Xenos Hyperyacht model with the Bugatti included costs a staggering $32,800,000.

Enjoy the conceptual Xenos Hyperyacht in the video above and learn more about it at Lazzarini’s website.

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