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This 1962 Emory Special Roadster Looks Fabulous

1962 Emory Special RoadsterRod Emory and his Emory Motorsports unveiled another project, a 1962 Emory Special Roadster. Painted in a classic gunmetal finish this particular roardster features an elegant and impossibly minimal exterior, while at the interior sports aluminum racing seats trimmed in black and brown leather, minimal gauges, complemented by a large steel dashboard.1962 Emory Special Roadster interior

Under the hood the roadster boasts 400 horsepower thanks to Emory-Rothsport’s 2.4-litre Outlaw-4 engine, enchanting you with a modern driving experience.

What do you think of this fabulous creation? Let us know in the comments below. Emory Special Roadster

Images courtesy of Emory Motorsports

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