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Luxurious Things to Do in Monaco


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The city-state of Monaco on the French Riviera exudes opulence. According to a report on Businessinsider.com, about one-third of its residents are millionaires, and the country’s GDP per capita of £121,475 is second only to Luxembourg’s. Monaco is so rich that former International Monetary Fund economist Bassem Kamar asserts: “There are no nationals of Monaco below the poverty line.”

Unsurprisingly, Monaco attracts wealthy visitors, who can afford the city-state’s trademark lavish lifestyle and all the luxuries it offers. If you have some free time and cash to spend, do consider having a lavish holiday doing these luxurious things:

Stay in the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo


Monaco’s most luxurious hotel is the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. Telegraph.com’s review of Hôtel de Paris emphasizes its over-the-top decadence, highlighted by its opulent rooms with marble bathrooms, three Michelin-starred restaurants, and the world’s largest wine cellar. No wonder, two James Bond films — Never Say Never Again (1983) and GoldenEye (1995) — were shot here! Regular rooms cost £535 per night during the low season, and £870 during the high season. But if you want something more lavish, then book the £31,500-a-night Princess Grace Suite!

Hit the Tables at Casino de Monte-Carlo

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is the Hôtel de Paris of Monaco casinos. In fact, scenes from the Bond films Never Say Never Again (1983) and GoldenEye were also shot here, adding to its appeal. That said, make sure you come in prepared, especially if you want to play popular casino card games. Arguably the most popular of these is poker, a game perfect for high-rollers. Thankfully, poker’s rules are straightforward, with most poker variants using the same system of standard five-card poker hand rankings.

Even better, there are online resources that can help you review the game’s rules. This hand ranking chart by Poker.org can serve as your guide as to which hands are stronger in each variant of the game. Knowing these hands will prepare you for some high-stakes gaming. Of course, you can opt for other games, like slots, baccarat, and roulette too.

Cruise the Mediterranean in a Yacht


Few things are as luxurious as cruising the Mediterranean onboard a yacht. To experience this, just head on over to the Port of Monte-Carlo, where yachts (for the wealthy) and superyachts (for the super-wealthy) are docked and waiting for visitors who want a grand time.

You can opt for the more affordable bareboat rental, whose price starts at just £1,470 a week (fuel on you, of course!). The downside is that there’s no crew on board to serve your needs. An alternative is to charter a crewed luxury superyacht (for a cool £29,000 to £1 million a week), so all you have to do is enjoy your luxurious cruise. If you’re in luck, you might even get to rent the £883,000-a-week Espen Oeino-designed Bold, which comes with a twenty-person crew, an 8-person sun deck Jacuzzi, outdoor bar with an integrated laser show, and a helicopter landing pad.

Spend a week at the Villa La Vigie


The Villa La Vigie, which means “the lookout” in French, is one of the most discreet yet glamorous mansions in the Riviera, just a few hundred metres away from the French-Monégasque border. Built in 1902, it was later bought and renovated by renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the late ’80s.

It was opened to the public in 2017 and can be rented out weekly or monthly at an undisclosed price. If you manage to book a slot, you will get to stay in a extravagant 600 square-metre property and be treated to afternoon walks in its equally vast Mediterranean gardens. It also has an extensive library and billiard room.

Frolic at Larvotto Beach


Last stop: Larvotto Beach! Pamper yourself, bask under the sun, and swim in the pristine, emerald-green waters of this paradise. Then, gawk at the beachfront’s beautiful vistas: a view of Monte Carlo on one side and of France on the other. Chances are you might even spot a celebrity or three, as Larvotto is one of the world’s most glamorous, and is frequented by the rich and famous. Just make sure you go on DND mode (Do Not Disturb) so you’re not bothered as you enjoy your stay in paradise.

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