BMW R 18 Motorcycle by Zillers Garage Takes Us Into The Future

BMW R 18 Motorcycle by ZillersAfter the apocalyptic steampunk BMW R9T, Moscow-based custom shop Zillers Garage x NMoto Studio unveiled a futuristic take on BMW’s R 18 cruiser with a new exterior design and big suspension modifications. Based on the latest BMW R 18 cruiser the details are pretty impressive, the bike looks from a distant future, the body panels are made of carbon fiber, wheels milled using a CNC machine, and several 3D-printed components.The bike features a surprising modification, an air suspension system developed by Zillers, which lifts up off the ground when the bike is being ridden, and then lowers to rest on a set of pegs when parked.

The 1,802 cc two-cylinder boxer engine of the R 18 is still in the same place, but it changed its appearance with new covers, caps and mesh screens.

Limited to just 13 units worldwide, Zillers R18 starts at $44,900 and is available as a complete turnkey or as a kit for self-assembly. Any takers?

You can place your order now on their website.

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