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Paolo Barilla’s Porsche 911 GT3 Coupe Honors 1985 Le Mans Victory

Paolo Barilla's Porsche 911 GT3Earlier this year, Porsche introduced Sonderwunsch, and former racing driver and now entrepreneur Paolo Barilla was the first customer to design a bespoke model. Inspired by the Porsche 956 that Barilla himself drove to victory in 1985, the custom 911 GT3 feature at the exterior a Summer Yellow paint with white and black stripes, and number seven emblazoned on the hood and doors.
‘Geometrically these are very different cars. The layout couldn’t be transferred 1:1. I originally wanted to move the race numbers on the doors further towards the centre of the white strip, but Paolo Barilla insisted that the “7” should be very close to the edge, like on his racing car.’ – said Grant Larson, designer of the original Boxster and now Porsche’s Director of Special Projects.Porsche 911 GT3

At the interior the black cabin features a yellow trim and a specially designed “Le Mans 1985” logo on the dash and headrests.

‘In the Eighties, I had the chance to drive the wonderful Porsche 956, an iconic car in terms of performance and beauty. The interpretation of some elements in a modern GT3 makes that memory exciting and vital – for me and for people who are close to me.’ Paolo Barilla said in a statement.Porsche 911 GT3 Paolo Barilla

What do you think of Porsche’s new initiative to design one-off bespoke cars based on old or new Porsches’?



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