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Solios Shines All Its Big Features in a Smaller Size

Good things come in small packages… with this in mind, Solios presents its new, limited edition Black Mini Solar Bundle.

With only 200 total bundles available, these stunning smaller women’s watches come with a new dial color and include an extra strap to switch out your look! The mini size fits small wrists perfectly.

What Sets Solios Apart from the Rest?

As a sustainable watch company, Solios prides itself on their ethical manufacturing while not compromising on quality. 

  • Solar Powered Movement
    • Every Solios watch ever created was designed with an invisible, yet powerful solar-powered movement that will make your watch live for decades
  • Recycled Stainless Steel
    • When Mother Earth gives you a material that is infinitely recyclable, design your products with the already recycled version – like all of Solios’ watch cases
  • B Corp Certified
    • Setting the industry standard. Solios proudly celebrates their social and environmental impact
  • Lasts a lifetime
    • A watch you can pass down as a future heirloom, that’s how long it will last

Limited Edition Black Mini Solar Bundle Details:

  • New dial color options:
    • Black
  • Special price $270 (was $325)
  • Strap options/colors:
    • Mesh: rose gold, silver, black
    • Vegan leather options: black, brown, grey, green, and white
  • Case color options:
      • Black
      • Rose gold
      • Silver

What do you think of this amazing custom timepiece? Yay or nay?

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