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New Luxury Jewelry Collection Features Carmel Sapphire, Once Thought To Exist Only In Outer Space


Carmel Sapphire

Luxury is often determined by rarity, making Carmel Sapphire one of the most limited precious gems available in the world. Prior to this discovery in Israel by mining company Shefa in Israel, the gemstone was known only to exist in outer space. Holy Gems, the jewelry brand from Shefa, is creating a new narrative in jewelry history by bringing together these extraordinary precious gemstones and refined artistry in a new collection of one-of-a-kind pieces featuring Carmel Sapphire.

First minded in 2014, the final European Gemological Laboratory certified, cut, polished and set stones are available from Holy Gems only recently.  Carmel Sapphire is similar in appearance and chemical composition to ruby and sapphire and is a milky mix of dark and light blues. The largest stone found by Shefa weighed 33.3 carats. After density testing, it was shown to be harder than a diamond.

Photo: Hands of Creation from Holy Gems

The luxurious fine jewelry collection offers those that appreciate exclusivity, designs that are immediately recognizable and highly coveted. All the gems undergo a delicate polishing process to reveal their beautiful natural properties. Each piece then is set on a stage of 18K gold and VS collection diamonds and is individually handcrafted using a microscopic level of accuracy for the purpose of matching the jewel to the gem. Designer Michael Taub used her artistry to create a stunning selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Carmel Sapphire jewelry

Photo: The Appearance of Heavens from Holy Gems

Having an established presence in the diamond and luxury jewelry market for three generations, the parent company Shefa is known as a forward-thinking company with an innovative vision and extraordinary technical acumen. The company is recognized for having established cutting-edge diamond boutiques in New York, London, and Tel Aviv and has parlayed its foothold in the luxury jewelry market into Holy Gems.

Carmel Sapphire

Photo: The Regal Majesty from Holy Gems

CEO Tali Shalem has made it her mission to ensure that the journey of each piece is transparent. A member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisals, which is authorized by the EGL to issue international precious gems and jewelry grading, certifies each piece. The certification process is backed by independent geological and gemological reports, comprehensive university studies, and scientific evidence provided by the mining company.

Giving back is a part of the Holy Gems brand ethos and a further commitment to thinking about the future. Holy Gems donates 10% of its profits from sales to fund non-profit organizations with the aim of spreading goodness and kindness making the world a beautiful gem.

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