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FabMan Storm BMW R nineT Motorcycle Comes From The Future

This aircraft-inspired BMW R nineT is the work of Wayne Buys, the founder of South African custom motorcycle shop FabMan Creations. Inspired from aircraft and art deco streamline cars of the ’20s and ’30s, this R nineT dubbed ‘Storm,’ was commissioned by a client, who supplied a low-mileage R nineT and specified the aeronautical theme.FabMan Storm BMW R nineT

Meticulously built over the course of eight months, the bike features a breathtaking set of bespoke aluminum bodywork that was hand-formed using an English wheel, with multiple parts coming together and screwing on to look like panels on an airplane. The panels are secured by small Allen head fasteners that look like the rivets on planes.

Other notable changes include a redesigned handlebar with bar-end LED indicators, mirrors, an array of air intakes integrated into the bodywork, Acewell speedo paired with a digital display and keyless ignition function.

Under the whole bodywork is a stock BMW R NineT. FabMan Storm You can take a better look at how this beauty looks and sounds in the video below.

The price? The custom FabMan Storm BMW R nineT project is now on sale for €25,000 EUR (approximately $26,500 USD). For more info be sure to contact FabMan Creations via its website.


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