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Six Reasons To Own A Yacht

The yacht industry has seen an unprecedented surge in the past year as wealthy individuals seek more exclusive and personalized getaways.

According to the Financial Post, a record 887 superyachts were sold in 2021, a 77 percent increase compared to 2020. This created a hyper-competitive market, which saw prices rise and a yacht become the ultimate status symbol.

Working with an experienced yacht broker can ensure you find the yacht that is right for you. A luxury yacht broker will boast an enviable portfolio of some of the world’s finest boats for sale and will be able to offer expert advice on yacht ownership and the acquisition process.

Be it a sailboat, motor yacht or state-of-the-art explorer yacht built for cruising the world’s most remote regions, owning a yacht offers multiple benefits. If you’re considering owning a boat, then read on.


Benefits of owning a yacht

1 –Resort-style amenities

Reasons To Own A Yacht

The world’s finest superyachts boast an enviable roster of onboard amenities akin to a luxury resort. Amenities often include voluminous saloons and sumptuous staterooms boasting elegant furnishings and designer touches. Many yachts come with a superb selection of toys, including wave runners, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and water inflatables, ensuring fun on the water for all. Larger yacht amenities will often include an onboard swimming pool, Jacuzzi, beach club, spa and fitness centre.


2 – Private and exclusive

A yacht offers a private and exclusive self-sufficient sanctuary at sea far from the madding crowds. Post pandemic, individuals have an increased desire to have complete control over their environment. A superyacht enables owners to do precisely this, providing peace of mind.


3 – Travel the world

Own A Yacht

Owning a yacht gives you the freedom to explore the world whenever you choose. From the popular bluewater havens of the Caribbean and Mediterranean to more remote ports of call, a yacht puts the world at your fingertips. A yacht also enables you to access remote beaches and hidden coves accessible only by boat.


4 – Quality time with friends and families

Post pandemic, there has been a change in how people holiday, with many people placing an increasing value on spending time with family and friends. A yacht offers an intimate space to enjoy valuable family time exploring some of the world’s most exclusive destinations.


5 – A dedicated crew at your disposal

A yacht will include a professional crew who is not only dedicated to ensuring the vessel is kept in tip-top condition but also providing a five-star service. Crew often boast a variety of skills, with the world’s best yachts often boasting trained water sports operators, scuba diving instructors, masseuses, wellness providers, personal trainers, chefs, and nutritionists.


6 – Ability to off-set ownership costs

Many yacht owners seek to offset the cost of yacht ownership by chartering their yacht when they are not using it. Charter yachts are in high demand, making operating a charter yacht a potentially lucrative revenue source. According to Research and Markets, the yacht charter market was valued at US$15.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US$24.6 billion by 2026. Using an experienced yacht charter management company can ensure a flawless yacht charter operation, providing a worry-free experience.


There is no question that owning a yacht offers the ultimate lifestyle experience for those seeking to enjoy the world’s finest offerings.


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