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Treat Your Furry Friends Like Royalty With The New Gucci Pet Collection

Gucci Pet Collection
Photo: Max Siedentopf / Courtesy of Gucci

Calling all fur parents! Italian luxury house has launched its first Gucci Pet collection of clothing, accessories and home goods for fancy canines and felines that enjoy extravagant lifestyles. Presented in a colorful, retro-inspired tone, the dreamy campaign featuring canine and feline portraits was captured by photographer and artist Max Siedentopf.

The capsule comprises of studded collars, leather harnesses, Air Tag holders, bowls, leashes, carriers and made-to-order miniature couches, featuring the iconic GG canvas, web stripe, interlocking G logo print, Herbarium pattern and other signature Gucci design touches.


“Continuing the narrative of surprise and delight that defines the Gucci Lifestyle selection, the Gucci Pet Collection infuses the everyday with a magical aura.” its official description reads.


Part of a larger collection titled “Gucci Lifestyle,” all pet attire and accessories are made from recycled cotton and polyester, and animal-free Demetra material that is made from bio-based sources.


Gucci’s dreamy pet collection prices start at $180 and go up to $7,500 and is currently available for purchase on the brand’s official website.

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