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Tiffany & Co’s ‘Time for Speed’ Vintage Car Clock Is For Car Lovers

Time for Speed Race Car ClockInspired by race cars from the 1950s, Tiffany & Co has released two automotive-inspired clocks as part of its Time for Speed Collection. Crafted from aluminium, the car-shaped clock is painted in the company’s famous shade of Tiffany Blue (what else?) and features a helmet-shaped dome of glass over the driver’s seat, hard-wearing rubber tires with polished stainless steel spokes and rims. The masterpiece weighs a hefty 10.3 lbs (4.6 kgs) and measures 6.2” (15.7 cm) wide, 15.2” (38.5 cm) long, and 4.7” (12 cm) in height.

At the front, the radiator grille sports a “T&CO” classic monogram, while the bonnet features a large “5” a reference to the inimitable Tiffany & Co. flagship on New York’s Fifth Avenue. On the car’s left side, a brushed stainless steel aperture displays the hours and minutes.

As for setting the time, this can be done by rotating the three-spoke steering wheel counterclockwise and the movement is wound by pulling the car back on a flat surface — just like a childhood toy.

The luxury jewellery developed two variants of the clock, one standard clock for US$40,000, and one with diamonds decorating the clock’s bezel and engraving plate in a pavé fashion available for a whopping $215,000.

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