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UAE ONE Mega Yacht Concept: An Incredible Vessel with 15 Apartments, Two Heliports, and a Submarine Onboard

UAE ONE Mega Yacht ConceptSay hello to UAE ONE, a massive yacht conceptualized by the Milanese designer Enzo Manca in partnership with an undisclosed Sheikh who aimed to establish a representative flagship for their country. Inspired by the large US aircraft carriers, the project took almost two years to complete, including the study of the bow lines, the upper deck, the tower, and how it could become from a military ship to a private yacht, said Manca.

“The idea of UAE One was born in 2020, during a very special meeting between me and a sheikh of the United Arab Emirates on vacation in Italy,” Manca said in a statement.

In this context, the term superyacht is used in a literal sense. The vessel is immense, with abundant space to ensure the comfort and entertainment of those on board. Its length spans 459 feet (140m), and it stands tall at 130 feet (40m) above the waterline. Its interior is just as impressive, with 30,000 square feet of space spread across nine decks, providing ample room for guests to relax and unwind.

On the inside of the yacht, there is an incomparable owner’s suite, eight main cabins, and 14 smaller suites, providing sleeping quarters for a total of 48 guests. The vessel is operated by a sizable crew of 65, who are accommodated in 35 cabins.

The yacht’s amenities are nothing short of exceptional. The designer’s website provides technical specifications that indicate the UAE One may have: 9 decks, 35 Cabins for about 65 crew, 14 Mini apartments, 5 Super suites, 8 Master cabins, 3 Meeting rooms, 1 Press area, 2 heliports and 1 helicopter hangar, 1 internal mini-port, containing a submarine, more than 2,800sq m of teak and open-air space, 18m swimming pool, Gym, Wellness centre, Spa. Positioned at the bow of the UAE ONE is a massive circular sofa surrounding a central fireplace that offers a 360-degree view of the sea, along with the entire length and width of the yacht.

Overall, the UAE ONE Mega its an impressive tacht concept that’s sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to step aboard. According to Manca, the initial interior designs are anticipated to be completed by the conclusion of 2023. Keep an eye out for updates.

Images Courtesy of Enzo Manca


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