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Introducing The New L’Epee 1839 x Alex Moss Grenade Clock

L'Epee 1839 Grenade ClockSwiss clockmaker L’Epee 1839 teamed up with New-York based jeweler, Alex Moss, to introduce the L’Epee 1839 x Alex Moss Grenade Clock. Modeled after the historical MKII grenade the intricately designed clock incorporates a clever feature where the pin serves a dual purpose, setting the time and winding the eight-day movement.

“The clock forces the mind to focus on the moment you are in and the task of winding and setting the time, reminding you that you are only guaranteed this very moment, as Time is precious so don’t waste it.”

Handcrafted in Switzerland & NYC, the timepiece boasts an aluminum structure measuring 120.5 mm in height, 77.6 mm in width, and 66.6 mm in depth, sparkling from every angle, it is adorned with an astounding 2,144 rare diamonds, totaling an impressive 34.27 carats.

The meticulously crafted L’Épée 1839 movement made of palladium-plated brass and stainless steels, skillfully designed and produced in-house, operates tirelessly at a frequency of 2.5 Hz or 18,000 vibrations per hour. The time is elegantly showcased on two black aluminum disks, with the upper disk engraved to indicate the hour and the lower disk designated for the minutes.L'Epee 1839 Grenade Clock

The limited-edition clock retails for $149,000 / 135’000 CHF and is available for pre-order. Any takers?

Images Courtesy of L’Epee 1839

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