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Jaguar Classic Pays Homage To Its Racing Heritage With E-Type ZP Collection

Jaguar is paying homage to the victorious cars driven by Graham Hill and Roy Salvadori in 1961 by introducing the ZP Collection, a unique pair of new-old classic vehicles. The Oulton Blue convertible draws inspiration from Graham Hill’s iconic “ECD 400” car, featuring a captivating red leather interior, while the Crystal Grey coupe pays tribute to Roy Salvadori’s renowned “BUY 1” car, showcasing a contrasting dark blue interior.

“The E-type ZP Collection is the ultimate tribute to the E-type’s triumphant racing debut, in itself part of Jaguar’s rich motorsport history. Each pair tells a fascinating, and often untold, story of the E-type’s history. The ZP Collection honours not only the vehicles, but the racers who drove them to victory on the track. With 2,000 hours lovingly spent on each vehicle by the craftspeople at Jaguar Classic, our discerning clients will be able to enjoy a unique tribute to two of the greatest cars in the E-type’s history. “ – Paul Barritt, Director of Jaguar ClassicJaguar E-type ZP Collection

Under the hood, both vehicles are equipped with a 3.8-liter in-line six-cylinder Jaguar XK engine, true to the time period. These engines are coupled with a specially designed close-ratio five-speed manual transmission, expertly developed by Jaguar Classic.

Among the notable enhancements are the additions of a Jaguar Classic infotainment system, providing features such as DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation, for 21st century standards of in car entertainment.
Only 14 of these extraordinary cars will be made available, with the opportunity for seven fortunate buyers to own a piece of this very special history.
In addition, each vehicle will be accompanied by a meticulously designed vintage-style helmet, inspired by the original drivers’ helmets handmade by Bill Vero, who has been crafting them since the 1950s. They also come with a personalized leather storage bag, meticulously crafted with the same exquisite leather used in the car’s interior.

Later in 2023, Jaguar plans to unveil a pair of F-Type ZP Editions inspired by these E-Type, equipped with a powerful 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine8, and will be reserved for E-Type ZP Collection clients, a celebration of Jaguar’s rich history before the brand transitions into its electric era in 2025.

Images Courtesy of Jaguar

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