Singer Reimagined 1969 Collection Is A Love Letter to 1969

Singer Reimagined pays homage to a highly distinctive era in history through its latest collection, the Singer Reimagined 1969 Collection. In 1969, history was made with the introduction of three legendary automatic chronographs, forever etching the names Chronomatic, El Primero, and Caliber 6139 into the annals of horology. The collection debuts with two distinct styles: the 1969 Chronograph and the 1969 Timer.

The year 1969 will forever be etched in history as a remarkable period filled with extraordinary events, like Woodstock, the Moon landing, Boeing 747’s first flight, and the first test flight of the Concorde jetliner.

Both the 1969 Chronograph and the 1969 Timer boast a timeless 40mm case crafted from high-quality stainless steel, featuring brushed finishes and exquisitely polished bevels adorning the sides.

The 1969 Chronograph represents showcases a central dial that elegantly presents the chronographic information with Singer’s distinctive aesthetic, combining a rich piano-black lacquer finish with luxurious gold-toned elements. Inside is the AGH 6365, a reengineered version of the award-winning Agengraph ith 491 components, 56 jewels, automatic-wound mechanism providing three days (72 hours) power reserve. Priced at CHF 51,000 (excl. taxes) the Singer Reimagined 1969 Chronograph will be produced in no more than 50 pieces in 2023.

The 1969 Timer represents mechanical art in pure form, showcasing a meticulously crafted zero-reset system seamlessly integrated with a flyback device. This hidden technical gem adds a touch of sophistication to this three-hand timepiece.Singer Reimagined 1969 Timer It is powered by AGH 6363, is a reengineered version of the versatile Flytrack, with 237 components, 37 jewels, manual-wound mechanism providing three days (72 hours) power reserve. The Singer Reimagined 1969 Timer will also be produced in no more than 50 pieces in 2023 and is priced at CHF 29,900 (excl. taxes).

For more details, be sure to visit Singer Reimagined’s website.

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