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Ferrari KC23 Is a One-Off Track Car Boasting An Impressive 600bhp

Ferrari KC23Meet the new Ferrari KC23, an exclusive one-of-one bespoke masterpiece crafted under their Special Projects program in Maranello. Flavio Manzoni, the esteemed designer at Ferrari, spearheaded the creation of this extraordinary vehicle, specifically tailored for “one very imaginative, passionate, and exacting customer.” This extraordinary car is set to make its worldwide premiere at the renowned Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

Christened KC23, beneath its exterior lies the beating heart and essence of the 2020 488 GT3 Evo. With a remarkable track record, the 488 GT3 stands as the most triumphant racing vehicle in Maranello’s illustrious 76-year history, accumulating an impressive tally of over 530 victories and 119 championship wins.

Styled to look like it was sculpted from a single block of metal, at the exterior features butterfly doors, active aerodynamics, huge air intakes and pop-out panels across the body, a specially-developed four-layer aluminium livery called Gold Mercury.

Inside the KC23, the ambiance is reminiscent of a purebred race car. The driver is greeted with a steering wheel adorned with an array of buttons and dials, meticulously designed to offer precise control over every intricate aspect when pushing the vehicle to its limits.

While the KC23 will retain its unique status as a one-of-a-kind creation, Ferrari intriguingly hints that its captivating design offers a “tantalizing glimpse” preview of forthcoming models.

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