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These are the 12 Best Driving Sunglasses for Men

When you find yourself in control of the vehicle, sunglasses transcend their role as mere fashion accessories and become a critical component of safety. In this guide, we delve into the realm of driving sunglasses, exploring a carefully curated selection that combines style, functionality, and essential features to enhance your driving experience. What to consider when buying sunglasses for driving? When buying sunglasses specifically for driving, there are several important factors to consider in order to ensure your safety, comfort, and visibility while on the road. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

UV Protection: One of the most important factors is UV protection. Choose sunglasses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Polarization: Polarized sunglasses can help reduce glare from surfaces like roads, water, and other vehicles. Glare can be particularly hazardous while driving, so look for sunglasses with polarized lenses to enhance visibility and reduce eyestrain.

Lens Color: Lens color impacts how you perceive colors and contrasts. For driving, neutral colors like gray, green, or brown are generally recommended. These colors preserve natural colors and provide good contrast without distorting the colors of traffic signals.

Fit and Comfort: Sunglasses that fit well and are comfortable to wear for extended periods are essential. Ill-fitting sunglasses can cause discomfort and distraction while driving.

1. Oakley Fabio Quartararo Collection $344

Oakley commemorates a selection of prominent figures in the world of sports, such as the six-time Spanish champion Fabio Quartararo, by featuring dedicated collections named after them. Meet Oakley Deadbolt, a modern sunglass design that features Prizm Lens Technology, reflecting a spirit of pushing limits and defying conventions. Crafted from lightweight titanium, the frame ensures durability and all-day comfort. The three-point fit is designed for both comfort and to maintain precise optical alignment for your eyewear. Additionally, adjustable silicone nose pads are incorporated to help achieve the ideal fit.

2. Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Limited Edition$737

In the 1960s, the 714 was introduced as a foldable rendition of the 649, marking the inception of folding eyewear. With its iconic pilot design, distinctive keyhole bridge, enduring acetate materials, and innovative folding mechanism, it stands as an Italian craftsmanship masterpiece. Surpassing standard models, it demands an extra ten manufacturing stages to create. Sporting a Havana front color with platinum plated lenses, The Steve McQueen pays homage to an icon, meticulously replicating all the intricate details of the original model worn by the actor.

3. Porsche Design P’8951$1,200
Drawing inspiration from the legendary Porsche 911, Porsche Design presents the P’8951 – a revolutionary sunglass with an entirely aluminum-crafted frame, meticulously sculpted from a single block to evoke a true artistic form. Presented in an exclusive limited edition of only 911 pieces and offered in a range of sizes, the unique design showcases angular contours and crisp lines that lend the glasses a bold and technical aesthetic. The front of the eyewear is especially ingenious; while its form appears to comprise two separate lenses, it ingeniously encompasses a single shield.

4. Omega Round style Sunglasses OM0021-H5205D$630

Inspired by the meticulous construction of their watches Omega has collaboratively unveiled a line of sunglasses for both men and women in partnership with Marcolin Eyewear. These timeless designs are crafted from premium materials, embracing classic shapes while embodying meticulous attention to detail in each pair. Boasting a blend of acetate and metal, the sunglasses showcase an elegant fusion of Shiny Gunmetal and Red, coupled with a Smoke Polarized Barberini lens. This vintage-inspired round design is characterized by its sophisticated blinkers, delicate lightweight frame, and dual bridge.

5. Revo x Jeep Desert’s vintage navigator$229

Renowned for its pioneering polarized lens technology, Revo has solidified its reputation through collaborations with NASA. The Desert sunglasses, a nostalgic design, are the result of a collaborative project with Jeep, crafted from top-tier materials like beta titanium and meticulously handcrafted acetate. Complementing these components is Revo’s distinctive Blue Water lens, expertly designed to fend off the sun’s glare.

6. Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari RB2202M$215

This is the Ray-Ban RB2202M model, where the fusion of sleek design and easy adaptability harmonizes with the distinctive essence of Scuderia Ferrari. Crafted from slender acetate, it guarantees both comfort and a sophisticated appearance. Adorned with the iconic bar rivets in the signature colors of Ferrari, this frame is a true Ray-Ban daily driver.

7. Donkervoort x Brett Theo Sunglasses S7€489 (approx. $531)

Crafted as a tribute to the genuine spirit of the JD70, the collection of Donkervoort in collaboration with the French brand Brett Eyewear introduces sunglasses that seamlessly blend carbon-fibre frames, top-tier polarized lenses by Leica Eyecare, and titanium temples and nose pads, ensuring a snug fit even when worn beneath helmets. The lenses hold a CR39 rating (category three, polarized), effectively reducing reflections to provide optimal comfort and safeguard for the eyes while driving.

8. Vuarnet Glacier Round Tortoise Grey Polar$730

Crafted in France, the Vuarnet Glacier emerges as a symbol of the mountains. Boasting a circular lens design along with detachable side shields and nose bridge, the Glacier Round effectively safeguards your eyes from the harshest solar circumstances. Constructed from a blend of titanium, beta-titanium, and bio-acetate, the frame combines durability with sustainability, while leather accents enhance its appeal. Mineral glass lenses further elevate its capabilities, offering offering the clearest vision.

9. Serengeti Boron sunglasses $425

Serengeti, an American brand, asserts its position as the provider of the most driver-centric sunglasses available, showcasing their “Drivers” lenses (trademarked in 1985), which encompass three advantageous attributes tailored for individuals behind the wheel. Boron Dark Turtoise acetate with gold metal a member of the Driving Heritage Collection models, draws its inspiration from the ethos of driving culture and a liberated outlook, all while incorporating a touch of retro flair.

10. Entourage of 7’s Beacon 1020 sunglasses$319

Spotted adorning the visage of Matt Damon as he portrayed Carroll Shelby in the film “Ford vs. Ferrari,” Entourage of 7’s Beacon 1020 sunglasses serve as a noteworthy and cinematic enhancement to your collection of style essentials. Handmade in Japan, these sunglasses are meticulously fashioned from translucent Zyl acetate derived from cotton, coupled with titanium hinges showcasing dual rivets for reinforcement. The final touch comes in the form of nylon anti-reflective G-15 Green lenses with a backcoating. Each pair is accompanied by a collapsible leather case, designed for convenient flat storage.

11. Carrera Flaglab 11$295

The origin of Carrera traces back to a passion for racing, particularly inspired by the Carrera Panamericana racing event that took place in Mexico during the early 1950s. As a result, the brand adopted its name from this significant racing competition. It’s not surprising that the majority of Carrera sunglasses feature daring and unforgettable designs. The Carrera Flaglab 11 boasts full-rim rectangular frames meticulously fashioned from resilient yet lightweight aluminum. The pronounced angular temples and the distinct nose bridge, displaying the brand’s logo lettering with pride, add an extra touch of iconic attraction.

12. Porsche Design Sunglasses P´8962 by Patrick Dempsey$450

An avowed admirer of Porsche, Patrick Dempsey actively participated in meticulously shaping every aspect of the exclusive Patrick Dempsey Edition. This endeavor culminated in the creation of the exceptional P´8962 carbon-fiber sunglasses, tailored precisely to Patrick Dempsey’s specifications. These sunglasses stand out for their adaptability to everyday wear and their refined subtlety.

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