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Luxury Eyewear: Larry Sands x Bugatti’s Collection Two Unveiled

Building on the success of their first collection, Bugatti and the legendary designer Larry Sands have proudly introduced their second collection, now known as Collection Two. Fashioned from the most exquisite materials, including 925 sterling silver, carbon fiber, macassar ebony adorned with mother of pearl inlays, grade 5 titanium, 18K gold, and accented with black palladium, Collection Two showcases a carefully selected ensemble of 16 styles. These designs seamlessly incorporate iconic elements, such as the distinctive red macaron emblem, precision laser-cut radiator grill patterns, and the unmistakable ‘EB’ logo.

Larry Sands added: “I am thrilled to present our second luxury eyewear collection to the world at SILMO Paris 2023. It is a true embodiment of Bugatti’s values of luxury, elegance and innovation. This collection represents a harmonious blend of design excellence, premium materials and my artistic vision.

“Our first collection was really just the beginning. With twice as many styles, Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two really has something for everyone.”

Speaking about the Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two, Wiebke Ståhl, who serves as the Managing Director of Bugatti International, remarked: “The Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two is a showcase to innovative with cutting-edge design, raising the bar in the eyewear industry. This new set of eyewear pieces has been carefully curated with Larry Sands to progress and compliment the impact of the Bugatti Eyewear Collection One.

Exclusively accessible via Bugatti’s worldwide network of dealers, this collection is tailored for individuals who demand nothing short of the ultimate in luxury and sophistication.

Be sure not to miss this stunning unveiling at SILMO Paris, happening from September 29th to October 2nd, where in addition to the brand-new eyewear collection, a Bugatti Chiron will be on display. No word on prices yet; we’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.

No word on prices yet; we’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.and although pricing for Collection Two hasn’t been released yet, Collection One costs anywhere from $1,295 to $15,000 depending on the pair.

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