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Artistry in Motion: Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Titanium Dragon Watch

Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Titanium DragonAs the Lunar New Year approaches with anticipation on February 10, Hublot unveils the Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon, an extraordinary timepiece inspired by the timeless Chinese art of paper cutting. Crafted in collaboration with the renowned Chinese artist Chen Fenwan, this limited-edition masterpiece embodies the spirit of this cherished celebration.Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon

Nested within the sleek titanium frame, adorned with a satin and polished finish, lies a remarkable dragon motif, masterfully rendered in Fenwan’s signature paper art style. Exquisitely crafted in a palette of fuchsia, white, gray, and indigo, the dragon’s five layers intertwine to create a mesmerizing and multi-dimensional visual spectacle.

The dragon theme continues onto the strap, showcasing Hublot’s inaugural rubber marquetry design. Each scale on the dragon is meticulously colored and nano-vulcanized, demanding approximately eight hours to complete per strap. An additional strap crafted from gray fabric, featuring Velcro closure and a black ceramic buckle, offers a versatile alternative.

Inside, the HUB1710 caliber with automatic winding beats at a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 alternations per hour), showcasing a perfect blend of precision and reliability. It provides the watch with a 50-hour power reserve.

Limited to just 88 exquisite examples, the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon is available to purchase for $29,500.


Images Courtesy of Hublot

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