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Brush Like a Boss: Luxury Toothbrush by DJ Khaled & Aurezzi

DJ Khaled isn’t just a music mogul anymore – he’s now a partner in Aurezzi, the world’s first luxury oral care brand. Founded by Noel Abdayem, the visionary dentist behind the minimalist brand The Humble Co., Aurezzi takes oral care to a whole new level. Their collaboration brings us a 24-karat gold-plated toothbrush paired with gold-infused toothpaste and mouthwash.

“We the best, so we brush with the best. Aurezzi is much more than a luxury oral care brand, it’s a lifestyle that seeks to empower. It’s the oral gold standard,” says DJ Khaled. “With Aurezzi, your daily routine becomes an opportunity to boost confidence, well-being, and brush off anything that’s keeping you from succeeding. I resonate with that vision and am excited to take this company to the next level.”

Crafted in Switzerland, the Aurezzi 24-karat gold-plated toothbrush elevates your oral hygiene routine to a luxurious level. Its accompanying gold-infused toothpaste and mouthwash complete the experience, seamlessly merging practicality with indulgence.

“I am elated to announce DJ Khaled’s role as a stakeholder in Aurezzi,” says Abdayem. “We admire Khaled for his success, his work ethic, and his motivational energy. Together we will make the Aurezzi brand synonymous with luxury and see that it lives up to its gold standard status.”

The inaugural product line has been unveiled, comprising the following:

-The centerpiece: a luxurious toothbrush featuring AUZ® Bristles for a confident smile after every indulgence. Available in a variety of finishes, including 24k gold, 18k rose gold, and silver, each toothbrush complements your style – $59
-Complete the experience: with toothpaste enriched with 24k gold or silver particles, available in refreshing menthol or peppermint varieties – $39
-Maintain a fresh breath after a night of extravagant gatherings with our mouthwash, offered in menthol with 24k gold particles or peppermint with silver particles – $39
-Elevate your bathroom counter with a matching toothbrush holder, available in the same luxurious finishes – $49
-The perfect gift: present the entire collection in a customizable gift box – $179

Images Courtesy of Aurezzi

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