MB&F HM11 Architect: A Horological Masterpiece Inspired by 1960s Architecture

MB&F HM11 Architect: A Horological Masterpiece Inspired by 1960s Architecture

Inspired by the architectural marvels of the 1960s, MB&F unveils its latest horological masterpiece, the HM11 Architect. It all began back in 2018 when Eric Giroud first sketched out the blueprints, drawing on his architectural expertise to lay the foundation for the HM11’s design. This innovative fusion of watchmaking and architecture manifests in a 42mm-wide … Read more

MB&F x L’Epée x Massena Lab Creates A Bronze Version of T-Rex Clock

Massena LAB studio founded by William Massena re-imagined a bronze version of the T-Rex table clock that MB&F and L’Epee unveiled last year. Bearing a Murano glass dial, the 201-piece work is made from bronze, including the legs, which are modeled after 3D scans from dinosaur fossils, aged and stabilized by hand, creating a dark … Read more

Tom & T-Rex by MB&F and L’Epée 1839 for Only Watch 2019

Maximilian Busser and Friends developed in collaboration with L’Epée 1839 a unique piece created for Only Watch, the Tom & T-Rex. Measuring 308 mm tall x 258 mm x 178 mm, the table clock is made of stainless steel, brass and bronze, has a pair of adjustable legs, weights approximately 2kg and has 201 components … Read more

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red Watch

Inspired by deep-sea jellyfish, MB&F plunges into the water with a new version of the HM7 Aquapod timepiece that features a case fashioned from Platinum 950 with red sapphire crystal bezel. Housed in a 58.8mm-wide and 21.3mm-tall, this platinum-cased Aquapod must be seriously heavy. Inside is a Swiss automatic caliber with 35 jewels, 18,000 vph … Read more

Medusa Clock by MB&F x L’Epee

MB&F teamed up once again with renowned Swiss clockmaker L’Epée 1839 to create this beautiful and extravagant piece – Medusa. Housed in hand-blown Murano glass, Medusa is a dual-configuration clock, that can be ceiling mounted or stood upon a desk. Inside is the L’Epée suspended movement, designed and manufactured in-house, beating at 2.5 Hz / … Read more

MB&F Unveils Its Final Edition of the Horological Machine No. 6

Maximilian Büsser &. Friends introduced the “Final Edition” of its futuristic Horological Machine No. 6 in stainless steel – a very rare metal in MB&F’s production. The MB&F HM6 Final Edition features a stainless steel fluid case shape measuring 49.5mm wide, 52.3mm long, and 20.4mm thick. It has 10 sapphire crystals: 9 domed (4 for … Read more

MB&F + L’Epée 1839 Introduces The Fifth Element Table Clock

Maximilian Büsser & Friends teamed up once again with Swiss manufacture specialized in high-end clocks L’Epée 1839, to create this intergalactic horological weather station – The Fifth Element. Inspired by fantasies from classic UFO films, books, and comics of the 1950-60s, the weather station features four removable and interchangeable instrument elements clock, barometer, hygrometer, and … Read more

MB&F Introduces The MoonMachine 2 With Stepan Sarpaneva

Maximilian Büsser & Friends teamed up once again with Stepan Sarpaneva, the independent watchmaker from Helsinki, to unveil a new ‘Performance Art’ piece, the MoonMachine 2. The watch has an automotive-inspired case punctuated by Sarpaneva’s signature gold moons, and is available in three metal and color combinations: Natural titanium case, white gold moon faces, light-blue … Read more