MB&F Introduces The Nixie Machine II

MB&F Introduces The Nixie Machine II

M.A.D. Gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary with a retro sculptural clock, the Nixie Machine II. Rendered by industrial designer Frank Buchwald and Czech tube maker Dalibor Farny, the unusual clock is hand-made from burnished steel and brass, measuring an impressive 1.2m, and using more than 200 individual components. The Nixie Machine II uses six Nixie … Read more

Destination Moon by MB&F x L’Epée 1839 Is The Rocket Of Your Childhood

Swiss watchmaker MB&F teamed up once again with clock-maker L’Epée 1839 to create this rocket-shaped table clock: Destination Moon. Inspired by the early, sci-fi rocket designs of the 1960s, the MB&F Destination Moon Clock is crafted from 237 fine-finished components standing over 40cm tall, and weighs approximately 4.0 kg. The movement is completely visible, designed … Read more

MB&F LM1 Silberstein Limited Edition

MB&F introduced a new “Performance Art” timepiece in collaboration with renowned French horologist Alan Silberstein. Housed in 42.5mm wide x 17mm high case, the timepiece comes engraved with a quote from Gustave Flaubert: “Le vrai bonheur est d’avoir sa passion pour métier” – “Making a profession of your passion is true happiness.” Inside is the … Read more

MB&F Horological Machine No.6 SV Is Spectacular

MB&F introduced at SIHH 2016 the Horological Machine No. 6 SV (SV for “Sapphire Vision”). The Swiss manufacturer truly re-imagined the HM6, the case of HM6 SV measures 51mm/50mm/22.7mm, is a sandwich construction of a precious metal case band between two transparent sapphire crystal plates, features nine sapphire crystal domes. Inside is a three-dimensional horological … Read more

MB&F Introduces Arachnophobia Table Clock

Fear of spiders anyone? Inspired by the famous ‘Maman‘ sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, Swiss watch maker MB&F unveiled their latest creation in the form of a massive spider. MB&F Arachnophobia can be displayed as a table clock, but thanks to a clever mounting system you can also display it as a wall clock. It is … Read more

MB&F’s MusicMachine 3 Inspired By Star Wars’ TIE Fighters

MB&F is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new MusicMachine 3 inspired by Star Wars’ legendary imperial TIE fighters. Powered by two independent movements mounted on the two tail sections, each cylinders plays three melodies – Right cylinder plays the : Star Wars’ (1977) by John Williams; ‘Mission Impossible’ (1960) by T Lalo Schifrin; ‘James … Read more

MB&F Introduces HMX for its 10th Anniversary

Geneva-based Swiss watch maker MB&F founded by Maximilian Büsser, is celebrating a decade of watchmaking in 2015 with a new piece HMX – “X” as in the Roman numeral for ten. Housed in a scupltural titanium and stainless steel case measuring 46.8 x 44.3 x 20.7 mm, inside is a three-dimensional horological engine, composed of … Read more

MB&F Introduces The Melchior a $35,000 Robot Clock

”A creative adult is a child who survived” – Say hello to Melchior, aka Roboclock. MB&F is celebrating its first decade this year in 2015 and to commemorate this milestone unveiled at BaselWorld 2015 a horological robot Melchior. Created in collaboration with L’Epée 1839 this impressive kinetic robot is a impeccably finished, 480-component mechanical table … Read more

MB&F Horological Machine No.6 Space Pirate

MB&F (Maximilian Büsser and friends) is introducing their sixth Horological Machine HM6 ‘Space Pirate’, a timepiece designed to operate in the hostile environment of space. The biomorphic case manufactured by Les Artisans Boitiers Ti-6Al-4V is machined from Grade 5 titanium alloy that is highly anti-corrosive and thermally anti-conductive, capped top and bottom by transparent sapphire … Read more