Hermès Allegro Saddle Is The Ultimate Equestrian Accessory

Hermès Allegro Saddle
Go Riding! Hermès just released a new magnificent saddle in collaboration with world-renowned riders Pilar Lucrecia Cordon (Spain), Lillie Keenan (USA) and Daniel Bluman (Colombia). Perfectly suited to riders Hermès Allegro is a saddle that combines high sporting, lightness, flexible injected stuffing, perforated flaps, comfort and elegance. Priced at $8,500, Hermès Allegro Saddle can be custom-designed and adjusted to fit both horse and rider. For more info about the Allegro saddle, you can visit the Hermès website.

Hermès Allegro - Ref. H068321CK2180X
Hermès Allegro – Ref. H068321CK2180X


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