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L-Concept by Bandit9 Is A Sculpture On Wheels

Bandit9 L-ConceptDaryl Villanueva, founder of Bandit9 is back with L-Concept, a fully functional sculpture on wheels, that pays tribute to some of the great science-fiction of the past.

Modelled after the starship Enterprise from ‘Star Trek’ the Bandit9 L-Concept features a stainless-steel unibody tank and front cowl, crystal-white LED front headlight cluster, red LED grid-brake light and comes powered by a 125c air-cooled single cylinder engine paired with a four-speed transmission and chain drive.“The L-Concept is a tribute to our favorite sci-fi films.” says Bandit9 founder and chief designer Daryl Villanueva. “It was created to serve the same purpose: to excite, to advance, and to progress humanity. “

The asking price for this sleek masterpiece? Pricing seems low, at $10,950 including door-to-door shipping worldwide.

Mircea G.

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