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High-End Gift Ideas for New Parents

Luxury Diaper Bag

New parents are often showered with tons of gifts for their baby. While they love those adorable onesies and hair bows, the truth is that it is also smart to think of a few gifts that the parents will use themselves on a daily basis. After all, the upcoming months will have them so busy caring for their new baby that they’ll have very little time to spend on themselves.

These five high-end gifts are all on every new parent’s wish list, even though they might not think to include them on their registry:

Get Dad a Luxury Diaper Bag

Today’s modern dad thinks nothing of diving in and helping with all of the baby care duties. In fact, he likely even views those little burp-up stains on his shirt as a badge of honor. While he may think of parenting duties as something to be shared, he still might not appreciate lugging around a frilly diaper bag. Introducing diaper bags for dads that are designed with magnetic closures on bottle pockets, bacteria-resistant agion-treated interior linings, zippered compartments, and more! Every single detail is considered to make it easy for any dad to stay organized wherever they travel with their baby.

magnetic closures on bottle pockets, a memory foam changing pad, and bacteria-resistant agion-treated interior linings abound. Zippered compartments keep baby’s essentials tidy and organized, while quick-reach cell phone pockets and microfiber glasses pockets also help keep Dad’s things at hand. Detachable, adjustable straps offer versatile wear that make this men’s diaper bag comfortable around the clock.

Give Mom a Breast Pump Carrier

Breast pumps help new moms build up their supply and take care of their baby’s needs anywhere they go. For new moms who travel or spend time in the office, a breast pump carrier is a must-have item that keeps everything sanitary and in the same place. Find out what type of breast pump the mom in your life plans to use to make sure that this gift fits her preferred device.

Pamper Them With a Spa Robe and Towel Set

New parents often have only minutes to shower, but those few moments to themselves are prized. Help the new parents on your gift lift transform those moments into a spa-like experience by giving them a plush robe and towel set. To make this one extra special, consider having the set embroidered with their monogram.

Wake Them Up With a Quality Coffee Maker

It’ll be a few weeks until the new parents get to sleep through the night. Therefore, you just know that they’ll love having a coffee maker to help them keep their eyes open. Scout out the new parents’ kitchen to find out what type they already have and give it an upgrade. Today, many coffee makers also make tea and other lovely beverages that make waking up easier to do. Cup-style beverage makers also include non-caffeinated options if the new mom is avoiding caffeine while she’s nursing.

Focus On Safety With a Video Baby Monitor

In the early days of parenting, parents are often fearful to leave the room while their baby is sleeping. Yet, it is necessary to take advantage of those newborn nap times by tending to tasks such as washing bottles and those cute little clothes. With a high-resolution baby monitor, new parents can keep an eye on their baby while they manage their chores. They’ll also continue to use the monitor as their child gets older, which makes this gift worth having around for longer.

Shopping for new parents is exciting, and you are fortunate to be able to honor your friend’s upcoming child with a high-end gift that they’ll actually use. By focusing on the new parent’s needs, your gift will stand out from the rest and demonstrate your thoughtfulness during this special time.

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