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Bandit9 Supermarine Concept Is A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Bandit9 SupermarineKeeping it sleek. Bandit 9 is taking things to the next level and revealed images of their the latest concept, Bandit9 Supermarine. For the latest concept design Saigon-based motorcycle workshop abandoned the skies and looked to the depths, the new Supermarine is inspired by the graceful Mobula Ray.

“We normally don’t show concept designs in the event of failure. But sometimes you gotta roll without a safety net. By revealing this, I’m instigating a point of no return. For important things, I never liked plan B. It’s a way out. I’d rather fail.” – shared on social media Daryl Villanueva.Bandit9 Supermarine Concept

Unfortunately the bike builder has not released any performance, technical specs or price for this beauty. More details coming soon..we’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.Images Courtesy of Bandit9


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